Musical Humor


musicalWell, everyone, it’s February. And where I live, February means a lot of snow, ice, and overcast skies. Everyone can use a good laugh when it’s dreary outside, so I’ve compiled a post of humorous music-related videos that’ll make those overcast skies fade into space (pun intended).




Leonard Bernstain (and a dancing conductor)

Most of these clips will make you laugh at orchestral musicians’ expense. Poor, hilarious people! (But the last clip wins the “cutest” award.)

Musicians…what more can be said?

Page Turners

So embarrassing, don’t you think?


Instruments (and bows)

See, everything is not our fault!

Fails in General

Cell Phones

The dreaded, the worst, the absolute most annoying thing that happens at a concert.


I mean…TwoSetViolin puts out some good stuff. All of their videos make me howl with laughter. You already saw some of their videos in the “Musicians” section but here are two of my favorites from their YouTube channel.

Marching Bands

No words. I’m just glad I play in an orchestra!

I hope you enjoyed my post of musical humor! I sure had fun compiling this post. 🙂



One thought on “Musical Humor

  1. Those were comical to watch. Everyone has one of those days now and then. It’s good to laugh at oneself at times when things don’t go as planned.
    Thanks for sharing these episodes.
    Loved it!


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