Tidbit #9: New videos

It’s been awhile! We finally have a few new videos for you. We would post videos more often, but as (relatively) young musicians, we never stop learning new pieces and moving forward – that makes it difficult to record very often. You know, too, that we want to publish only our best music for you. Of course, that means we have to tread a fine line between posting well-prepared, quality music and posting anything at all! Sometimes we just have to take the plunge and upload pieces we’re not completely satisfied with – it’s a part of the learning experience. (Besides, we would have a pretty meager channel if we only posted what we are totally satisfied with.) 🙂

Anyway, here are three of our newest videos, featuring some classic gems of the piano repertoire: a beautiful etude by Liszt, the first movement of one of Beethoven’s greatest sonatas, and a prelude and fugue by Bach.

As always, thanks for reading and listening!

~ Maggie and Cammi


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