Tidbit #6 – Musical Giveaways

There are two great violin giveaways going on right now!

The first one is sponsored by StringsMagazine. This giveaway package is comprised of a:

John Cheng Limited Edition 4/4 size violin
Guy Laurent Three Star 4/4 size violin bow
Musafia Momentum Z 4/4 size violin case
2 Cakes of Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin

The total value of this package is $4,334! You can enter to win all this for free by clicking here. (You’ll also help us by clicking on the link and entering.)

The second giveaway is sponsored by TheViolinChannel. TVC will be giving away 6 Solo Violin Shoulder Rests from Kun, in the next 6 weeks. You can enter here.

Don’t miss these great opportunities!

-Cammi and Maggie


One thought on “Tidbit #6 – Musical Giveaways

  1. Signed in on the Strings Channel, but not on the VC one…you need an account which we don’t have (and don’t really want).
    Best of luck….who gets the violin..LOL! Is there a cocert grand piano give-away perhaps…ha..ha.


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