Tidbit #1 – Orchestra of Exiles

, everyone! Just wanted to let you know we’re starting a new category on La Musica, called “Tidbits.” In this category, we’ll share brief bits of information we find interesting. For example: musical book and movie reviews, live-streamed concerts…etc. Hope you enjoy!

Note: Our posts in Tidbits will be casual; no pressure to comment. 🙂

Tidbit #1 is a movie review on

Orchestra of Exiles. Orchestra of Exiles follows the life and musicianship of Bronislaw Huberman: violin virtuoso and founder of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Huberman is also recognized for providing refuge for over 1,000 Jewish musicians and their families during the Holocaust because of his orchestra.

We immensely enjoyedorchestra-of-exiles the movie/documentary and hope you will too! We also loved the fact that the directors incorporated actors into the movie along with the interesting commentary of music virtuosos of this day and age, thus making it an interesting movie to watch, not just a documentary.

To buy the DVD on Amazon, click here.

If you are an owner of Amazon Prime, Orchestra of Exiles, at this date, is available for free streaming through Amazon. Click here to watch. 

If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, but prefer to watch Orchestra of Exiles for free, HooplaDigital offers this movie. All you are required to do is create a free account on https://hoopladigital.com.

If you have a favorite musical movie, we’d love for you to tell us about it in the comments section!

Happy watching!

-Cammi and Maggie


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