A Tribute to Miss Tina

Hello, everyone!
This post is dedicated to my dear teacher, Miss Tina, who will soon be moving away from us all to the south. Miss Tina has taught me more in the last years than I thought possible. And knowing I intend to teach violin

in the future, she kindly incorporated instruction for me on teaching during my little sister Millie’s lessons. Here are only a few of her many qualities I hope I will have someday, as a teacher.

Individualized Attention

Miss Tina made each of her students feel like they were crucial to the improvement of a concert. She would take the time to work on my part with me as if I was the only one playing it. I remember feeling a little surprised once when I realized she had other students that needed her too! I always felt like I had her complete attention at my lessons.

Personalized Education

I don’t know how she did it, but Miss Tina was able to see what kind of music I liked right away. I can’t count the times I would be handed sheet music at my lesson and hear the words “I heard this piece and I knew you would like it.”

Led by Example

This point especially applies to Mrs. Tina’s younger students. Whenever Miss Tina would illustrate a point by playing her own violin, she did it whole-heartedly, even with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She made all of her illustrations sound beautiful and if she didn’t like how her example sounded she wasn’t afraid to admit it and play it again.

Positive Correction

I loved Miss Tina’s way of correcting me. She never lost her temper, but at the same time, she wasn’t afraid to correct me and be firm about something. Her corrections were always presented in a positive way.
Miss Tina never over-complimented her students. I think some teachers are so focused on making their students feel good about themselves that they over-compliment them, and their students, as a result, don’t try as hard to please their teacher.

Music to Bless Others

Miss Tina always made time out of her busy schedule to have concerts and recitals at nursing homes and her church. It was great fun to play at the nursing homes around Christmas, with all the residents singing to our accompaniment.
Miss Tina also made a point to have her older students “bless” her younger students with their music. If we put on a concert with a wide variety of students, a more advanced student would share a stand with a younger student and help them along.

Miss Tina is so much more to me than a teacher – she has become a dear friend. I will greatly miss her and hope her new students know the great privilege they are being given, with her as their teacher.
Thank you for reading!
– Cammi

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Miss Tina

  1. What a loving post to a very special woman who is clearly loved by her students. We will all miss her warm endearing smile and personality. She devoted so much time to her student’s many needs. The entire community sincerely thanks her for many hours of persistent work. Her own playing was so beautiful it brought us to tears.
    Thank you for writing the tribute.


  2. You said that all so well, and it is so true. We as the grandparents had great pleasure to meet and see Miss Tina in action. She is a wonderful, talented, and caring teacher. It showed in all her students how well and professionally they performed.


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