10 Free Sheet Music Sites

slides-of-a-pitch-deckSheet music is a necessary part of playing music. But, more often than not, I am turned off by the price of it. Thankfully, the World Wide Web has a lot to offer, including free sheet music! Below I’ve listed my favorite sheet music sites; enjoy!

1. IMSLP.org 

Absolutely, without a doubt, IMSLP is on the top of my list. IMSLP is an online sheet music library where libraries across the world (plus individuals) contribute sheet music to the site. Thousands of scores and parts are available to anyone. IMSLP, though not entirely contributed to classical music, tends to sway in that direction. Most likely, you won’t find any movie scores here.

2. 8notes.com

8notes offers a wide variety of music—from classical to jazz. They also offer a $20 dollar membership program; some benefits from being a member are: unlimited downloads, instrument parts, unlimited playbacks, and uploading for-members-only sheet music.

3. Free-Scores.com

Free-Scores is yet another awesome website for free sheet music. Free-Scores offers a variety of possibilities with a free membership plan which includes entering their musical composition contest and uploading and publishing your own sheet music. And non-members still have free access to a huge selection of free music! Free-Scores also has a nice selection of buy-and-print sheet music, as well as a music store.

4. MuseScore.com

MuseScore is a great website for sheet music, but personally I think the real gem here lies in the free music notation software. The software is totally free and totally awesome. I highly recommend it to you. Anyway, all users of the MuseScore software can upload their creations to the MuseScore website, thus creating thousands of scores free for public use.

5. ChoralWiki.org

ChoralWiki has pretty much the same idea as IMSLP, except it’s made up of choral works. Since I’m not into opera very much, I don’t have use for it, but it’s been highly recommended by other bloggers.

6. VirtualSheetMusic.com 

VirtualSheetMusic is a bit of a hit-or-miss website. Their free selection is not exactly huge, but every two weeks VSM will upload 2 free pieces; however, if you miss the “free time” the sheet music will go back to its regular price. All in all, it’s a fun place to browse around on.

7. Sheeto.com 

Sheeto.com is one unique website. To receive sheet music, you must request or trade for it with other members who already have the sheet music you want. For example: Joe has sheet music you would like, so you contact him via email and request it. Joe may immediately send you the sheet music or he may see that you have some sheet music he’s been trying to get his hands on – so he may request a trade with you.

8. RagsRag.com

RagsRag.com is just what it sounds – Ragtime Music. From Scott Joplin on out, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for at RagsRag.com!

9. SheetDownload.com

SheetDownload.com is a great place for popular music, hits and classical music. Note: this website is entirely devoted to piano, but voice melody lines can easily be transposed for any treble clef instrument.

10. MusicaNeo.com 

MusicaNeo.com is a great chance for anyone wishing to start their own sheet music site; MusicaNeo helps you do exactly that! With a free membership plan members will receive their own website for selling their sheet music. MusicaNeo has a wide variety of free sheet music too, check it out!

And I think that concludes my post on free sheet music sites. Please click the “like” button below, share with fellow musicians, and subscribe to La Musica. Thanks for reading!



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