Musical Humor

  Well, everyone, it's February. And where I live, February means a lot of snow, ice, and overcast skies. Everyone can use a good laugh when it's dreary outside, so I've compiled a post of humorous music-related videos that'll make those overcast skies fade into space (pun intended).       Leonard Bernstain (and a … Continue reading Musical Humor


Tidbit #7 – Alfredo Casella and His Symphony No. 2

Alfredo Casella was a relatively recent Italian composer born in 1883. He had classical music in his blood from the start - his father, two brothers, and grandfather (who knew Paganini!) played cello. Furthermore, Casella's mother was a pianist who gave him his first music lessons.  Later, Casella was surrounded by other great musicians. He … Continue reading Tidbit #7 – Alfredo Casella and His Symphony No. 2